Abell Auction Company | Len Steckler: "L.A. Person" oil painting up for auction this week | Abell Auction Company
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Len Steckler: “L.A. Person” oil painting up for auction this week


This week for auction Thursday September 1, 2016, we are offering an original painting by Len Steckler (1928-2016) titled “L.A. Person”.  Len Steckler was a well-known photographer and illustrator.  He is best known for his successful advertisement campaigns for Pepsi Cola, Noxzema, and even the famous Joe Namath “pantyhose” commercial for Hanes.  His illustrations have appeared in Playboy Magazine, Good Housekeeping, and Lady’s Home Journal.  “L.A. Person” alongside many other contemporary works can be seen on preview Wednesday August 31 (8am-4pm pst.).  Sale begins 9am the following day.  Please visit our website for more information about upcoming sales.